Understated style or statement piece. We produce thousands of designs, each of which adds value to your garments and your brand.
Instantly seen by consumers, swing tags offer that extra space for product information. Printing on innovative materials with decadent foils give your garments real appeal.
A necessity in every garment to ensure your customers care for your clothing the way you intended. We produce a variety of sizes and finshes to suit your needs.
Leather & Patches
High end fashion demands unrivalled quality. Every shape, every size, every texture, every finsh, every success. There are no limits to what we can achieve.
Seals & Metals
Get the seal of approval with our variety of embellishments. Our seals can be printed, stamped, cut out or embossed.
With our capabilities and expertise, we’ve got packaging all wrapped up! From bags and boxes to point of sale you’ll never miss an opportunity to reinforce your brand’s message.